Lay of the Brand is a podcast where we sit down with the experts to hear about the latest innovations in marketing, creative and PR – and the way these disciplines are revolutionizing how the tech industry communicates – and sells to the world.

Guest Spotlight: Amber Allman 

VP of Corporate Communications at Gannett

"As a PR practitioner, I see the uniqueness of a brand and being able to pull in that innovation. At the same time, it's important to take pride in your legacy brands as well and marry the two of those."

Featured in: "Branding Your Company Amid Industry Disruption"

In this episode, Amber delves into public affairs and communications strategies to help organizations successfully navigate even during the most radical industry shifts and disruptions.

The Lay of the Brand Team

Production Team

Richard Sheehe is a Senior Strategist and Writer at the Merritt Group who has built a reputation for award-winning storytelling over a 25+ year career. A former NBC national news correspondent and writer for the New York Times and Associated Press, Richard has served in senior PR/Marketing executive and consulting roles and brings extensive experience in thought leadership. He is also a seasoned media training and crisis communications expert and serves as a Senior Research Fellow at George Mason University, where he develops PR/Marketing best practices by combining real-world expertise with deeper research understanding into how people interpret and respond to corporate messages.

Host, Richard Sheehe

  • Executive Producer: Melissa Chadwick
  • Producer & Showrunner: Francesca El-Attrash
  • Associate Producers: Brooke McClary & Jessica Shapow
  • Graphic Designer: Hayley Bumgardner
  • Audio Editor: Keith Kiska

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